We Make Getting Electricity in San Angelo Texas Easy

Texans no longer have to settle for coal-powered electricity because “going green” is too expensive. Today, Chariot Energy offers 100% solar energy plans at prices on par with traditional electricity rates in San Angelo.

At Chariot Energy, our mission is to bring the benefits of solar energy to all and forever change how people view the role of Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) not just in San Angelo — but all over the Lone Star State. How we’re going to do it? With the help of our affiliate brands, we’re building gargantuan solar farms in Texas that will protect our grid and increase the demand for clean energy.

Why is Chariot Energy the best electric company in San Angelo? For customers who want cheap electricity, stable prices and an eco-friendly product, it’s a no-brainer.

100% Clean Power for San Angelo and West Texas

Despite the naysayers, green power works just like traditional energy that’s powered with fossil fuels such as coal. Although rooftop solar panels are great, you don’t need them to harness the power of the sun! If you’ve ever paid an electric bill, you’re connected to the grid — which means you’re able to receive clean, green, solar-powered electricity for your home.

Think you’re ready to switch and start lowering your carbon footprint? We offer competitive energy rates in San Angelo and surrounding areas through your local utility, AEP Texas (also referred to as your TDSP, or Texas Transmission and Distribution Service Provider). Enter your specific ZIP code below and view the plans we offer in your region.

How Green Energy Works in San Angelo

Do you know how Solar Renewable Energy Certificates work? These credits, also called SRECs, act like the “money” of solar energy. They represent every bit of solar energy on the market today — which includes the solar energy Chariot and our affiliates produce!

The reason we’re talking about these credits? If SRECs didn’t exist, you wouldn’t know if the power you’re buying is green or not. When you choose a green energy plan (involving SRECs)  with Chariot Energy or any other power provider in Texas, you can confidently claim your home is powered with squeaky-clean, solar-generated electricity.

Here’s how SRECs are created: When renewable energy generators like Chariot Energy and our affiliates add one megawatt hour’s worth of electricity (1 MWh or 1,000 kilowatt-hours), they generate one SREC. These credits can then be bought and sold. This means that REPs (like Chariot) can buy, sell and trade these credits on your behalf. What does that entail? Chariot Energy actually invests in the solar energy industry on your behalf, which, in turn, decreases your overall carbon footprint and environmental impact!